Being an author living on the Coast of Oregon provides me with endless inspiration. My home is at the mouth of the Columbia River in Astoria where from my desk I watch ships and fishing boats heading up and down the river each day. Birds and whales migrate in and out of the lagoon that backs up from the river across the street. For years I have written hundreds of articles,  three books of poetry, a collection of essays, and several books of inspiration. I maintain a number of active blogs as well, all available through this site. Recently, I finished the first in a series of mystery books, set along the Coast of Oregon.

I founded and operate an indie press, Whales & Nightingales Press.  I assist other writers  with writing and publication. The mystery, Body on the Beach, is due for release in September, 2016 under The Cat’s Tale Press, a subdivision of Whales & Nightingales.

My background and training in Pastoral Counseling has provided me with a deep love of supporting others on their life journeys. I do spiritual counseling, lead meditation groups, and provide metaphysical services to my clients.

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