Super Full Moon in Taurus: Rocking the Boat in Turbulent Times


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As of Saturday, November 12, 2016 when I sat down to write this column, I see more major shifts about to take place. Both Mercury, the planet of communications, Venus, the planet of balance and harmony, have both changed signs and energy. By the time of the Full Moon in Taurus at 3 degrees on Monday, Mercury will be at 3/1 degrees of Sagittarius, the fiery, action-packed archetype, and Venus will be at 2/52 of grounded, pragmatic, let’s-get-it-done Capricorn. The Taurus Full Moon is in the Saturn-ruled decan of the sign, making this a very difficult time…a time for learning and reevaluating how our plans have lifted and supported us or failed to do so. Saturn is also in Sagittarius at 15/50 degrees indicating that whatever we are hoping to express, create, or produce may meet with some challenges, obstacles, or set backs. The Full Moon peaks Monday morning on the West Coast of the US. The Moon Sunday night is the waxing full moon.

With the Saturn and Pluto energy (Great Teacher and Great Transformer) both affecting the energy of this Full Moon in Taurus, the elements of doom and gloom, or as one friend called it this morning, a sense if darkness, may become more prominent. This is not a great time to self medicate or try to bury the feelings or bury ourselves in our own darkness. It is a time for radical self care–doing that which helps you preserve, release emotions of grief, pain, anger, and channel your energy into constructive, loving, affirming acts. One friend got a bunch of safety pins and attached little hearts to them. She’s giving them away to friends as a reminder that love is stronger than hate.


This kind act of compassion is what is needed in times of darkness. Something to help quell the ferocity of unexpressed anger and fear. We’re not going to ‘get over’ our pain, and platitudes to ourselves or others about getting on with life are not helpful or even appropriate. Dealing with our pain, grief, fears, anger, that is appropriate. Otherwise it becomes part of our own darkness and often gets projected out on others. We’ve all seen what this looks like when taken to the extreme in some of unhealed people who are in the public eye and who are having a tremendous impact on the collective. Acting out of an unacknowledged, unhealed shadow is something we do not want to do, especially now.

If we’ve been doing our inner work over the last few years, we know by now that we have to work our way through the low points and work our way through the shadows into the light–the understanding of who we really are and what we are here to do and be. That old platitude, ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger’ may ring true for some now. True only to the extent that we work to heal and come to wholeness…even if that new wholeness looks different from what we had planned on, hoped for, or worked to achieve. Disappointment can be brought down to despair if we aren’t careful. Despair can hold us in place, until we make the small move forward to get to a safe haven. To take one positive step to health and healing. We’ve learned this, and now the need is great for us to all do this personally and collectively. We are in an time of Great Awakening. For me, that’s what I shall always call this time, the Great Awakening time. And what we do, and how we develop is how we are living now. We are actively creating the ongoing Creation, and we can make it heaven or we can make it hell. For the sake of the planet, we need to work toward the heaven on earth that we are fully capable of creating if we don’t get stuck in our own expectations of how that’s supposed to play out.

At the full moon in Taurus, face your fears. Use your spiritual practices to center your energy on what is good and loving. Base your actions on what is healing and renewing. Listen to the voices of inspiration and watch for signs of hope and guidance. Dreams should be enlightening and inspiring now. Create, do your art, create ceremony in whatever you do. Honor the precious life under the influence of the cosmic Light. Let that Light infuse you with compassion. Reach out and help someone else through their own darkness. Give compassion away.

The Full Moon in Taurus is connected to the fixed stars of Zarak and Capulus. Found in the constellation Eridanus, the River, Zarak is the boat that represents the deep melancholy that links us to death and despair. The fixed star Capulus symbolizes the wild libido, the extreme male sexual energy released to control the feminine. It’s a pretty potent combination, and we can see it being expressed in its darkest most violent form in abusive and violent sexual assaults or tirades. The female libido is also unleashed at this time, and is fighting to maintain control of its own power. To make the necessary changes to claim a wholeness and directness that can protect itself from oppression, and shadow attempts to quiet or still it. The awakening of so many women through the violent images and language directed at denigrating women, has triggered a great deal of grief, pain, and fear in many. This time we are living through it is essential that self care include finding safe and healthy ways to support one another, to find safety in all facets of life, and to recognize what makes us vulnerable or at risk. However we navigate the waters of our rivers, will be determined by how awake and aware and willing to tack and shift with the winds of change.

We have within us the feminine and masculine energy. We need to be aware now of both within ourselves. For that’s where our true power and center is.With Mars the action planet and the ruler of all things masculine, in Aquarius at 3/58 degrees, we can expect to see some unusual changes. Uranus in Aries at 21/21 retrograde, and Jupiter in 13/51/ Libra join Mars in air signs. The power of our thinking and the force of our words project themselves now in sudden and unexpected events. With Jupiter the planet of abundance and good fortune, we can seek the gold nugget at the bottom of the swamp or we can get overcome with sense of limitless greed and hunger.

We need to balance ourselves, grounding in solid, concrete steps to tend to our well being and that of those we are responsible for. We need to find ourselves connected to the deep spiritual Truth of who we are, and how we are connected to the Divine Light and Truth and one another. We need to understand and work diligently to be one with our body, mind, spirit, and Divine Source. We express our goodness and divine light through the way we treat ourselves and how we treat others. This is the Divine manifest in our lives. Through our actions, thoughts, and intentions, we express ourselves.

Jupiter forms a hard aspect to Pluto, the Great Transformer, in Capricorn as well. Pluto is in 15/31 degrees of Capricorn, and later in the month when Venus forms a conjunction with Pluto, we will find ways to smooth out and achieve some kind of harmony and balance in the areas that are being uprooted, turned over, and reinvigorated. The change is happening so we can deal with changes in our personal and collective lives. Right now though, we are dealing with a whole new energy and experience of just how profoundly our world has changed. Surprisingly, our dreams of a smooth transition as new growth takes place is more likely to be a rude awakening and smashing of expectations. What is born out of this is a view of what has been hiding beneath the surface, suppressed, festering, or thinly veiled. Our expectations and willingness to overlook what we may have sensed on a deep interior and visceral level, is now difficult if not impossible to miss. I remember different times in life when the ideal that of my belief system was shattered by the reality of what really was. Once we see and digest the truth of a situation, condition, relationship, or other manifestation of reality, we cannot keep our blinders on.

The veil has lifted, and what comes out from under that curtained off area of our collective psyche or our personal ones, is going to be something we have to face and learn how to cope with, live with, and change to the degree we can. Change happens, whether we want it to or not. If we want to change anything, we have to figure out how to deal with the consequences. Our individual roles may change, or our art may change. We may find we’re called to put our own experience and training to work to support others and work for improving the system to work for all. Whatever our experience right now, this Full Moon in Taurus is going to highlight the depth and breadth of just how deeply and profoundly change and transformation have taken place. For the years that Pluto has been transforming our personal and collective lives, we have each been forced to face life more realistically, or at least on more than on a superficial level.

When we role play through life, that is act out of our roles rather than operating out of our deep inner sense of being, we often get trapped in beliefs that sound like platitudes. Platitudes though based on a truth, weaken and diminish the richness and depth of our life experiences if we cling to them like a shell or wear them like a mask. Many are experiencing change as if it were a death. Just as when someone dies, platitudes and empty condolences can diminish rather than console another. “You’ll get over it.” “Get on with your life.” “It’s God’s will.” “_____ is in a better place.” or “Get used to it.” trivializes grief and pain. Using platitudes is a lazy way of trying to be present. Platitudes diminish the depth of our human experience. In a time when nearly everyone is affected by the changes taking place one way or another, we have to understand that all kinds of dreams have been shattered, regardless of who you are. All kinds of conflicts and fissures have opened up within families, in friendships, in communities, and in the alliances we have with others. The shadow side of each of us has been released through the depth of experience brought on by the powerful changes that have taken place in the way we understand life and our place in it over the last few year. With Mercury in Sagittarius, we might show others rather than trying to intellectualize about their pain. Give comfort. Seek understanding by becoming a support to someone who is targeted by intolerance or hate. Show others through your human kindness. Build bridges not walls. Sit at table and listen. Be quiet and be present.

Events and experiences like the elections, wars, political and economic upheaval, and even discoveries, have transformed the way not only how we see and understand life but also how we experience and deal with change and the shadow aspects of ourselves and others. For most of us, we have been stripped of whatever held us trapped in old, worn out patterns of behavior and thinking. Wherever we resisted, we were forced to renege and surrender by the circumstances that forced the needed change. As a plant must break through the dirt to bend and stretch its branches, stems, and buds into the sunlight, so too are we working our way into the light of our life experiences. Though we are not plants, growth and change isn’t easy for us. I think of the Allegory of Cave by Plato. A group of people are chained in a dark cave for years. All they know of the outside world is what stories they tell themselves to explain what they see when the outside sun casts light and shadows on the wall of the cave throughout the day. One day, they are unchained, and are able to get up and leave. But getting up itself is difficult. They’ve been sitting in one position for years, and it hurts to get up. And then they have to get the courage to go out of the cave. They may be afraid or they may be excited, but they are all entering a new experience. And the light is blinding. The world is unfamiliar and unusual and strange. How do these people adjust their beliefs and past with what is happening? Well, that is our question when great shifts take place. How do we adjust to what is now after believing, expecting, or desiring something that is different from the present outcome?

If this weren’t pretty obvious after the US elections, with a country split not only in two opposing camps but with a large majority of people who have remained apathetic or unwilling to participate in the election of a new president and large portion of the legislative body, there is no consensus.The same thing has been happening throughout the world. The fissure that splits the cultural body into pieces, will result in some major systematic and systemic breaks–breaks that will take a long time to repair if indeed there is a willingness to address the flaws.

The Full Moon in Taurus is at Lunar Perigree, the closest the Moon has been to the Earth in 70 years. Seventy years ago, WWII had just ended. The world was just emerging out of one of yet another catastrophic series of conflicts, and was giving birth to the life that we now are living. The moon controls, our emotions, our habits, and our ancestral traits, including the intergenerational narratives that still travel with us. We are constantly being called to acknowledge that within that must be healed, and now more than ever in a long cycle, it is true. And how we adapt now is crucial to what life we live from here on out.

With the Full Moon in Taurus also in opposition to Lilith in Scorpio, we have to make choices about how we are going to live and who we are going to please. We all want to be loved and liked, but we cannot make everyone happy, especially at the expense of our own health and well being and happiness. The choices we make now are the ones that we can live with from here on out. We may make choices that hurt someone or result in our losing connections. To do the work that is ahead though, we must be able to stand in our own truth and be supported and connected to those we can trust and who will stand by us no matter what. Try to be strong and courageous. Do what helps and heals not what breaks down or harms you. Have courage for that which sustains you in times of stress, extreme trauma, and loss. Do what gives you the character, power, courage, and strength to move forward.
The Sun in Scorpio is conjunct Lilith. This has been growing for us all n the sense of no longer knowing where you belong. Feeling isolated or alienated from what was once home or comfort, or the grounding base of your being. For some, I have heard this described as a sense of separation like the death of some part of themselves. No longer knowing or recognizing the world they had been living in. The hopeful part of this is the rising out of the ashes, like the Phoenix. Rising from the ashes of our hopes, expectations, dreams, desires, we now know the world and see it with new eyes. We mourn what has been lost, and awaken to what we have to move forward. The more this has already been part of your experience and the more you have already been living a life aware of prejudice, intolerance, abuse, hatred, or some other form of alienation, the more you will be able to provide the reflecting mirror for those who are just emerging from the cave of darkness. The cave of not having experienced this kind of rude awakening.

The North Node in Virgo, continues as the passageway from what was to what is.The South Node (what is being released, healed, weeded out) is still aspecting Neptune (planet of illusions, dreams, and excesses). Uranus in Aries and the Priapus that forms to the Moon on November 20 signify what we need to do to get along. To ‘drain the swamp’ of whatever is needed, and to find the inner resources and outer allies to protect and stand in the truth of our own being. We are at a crucial time in the Great Awakening, and we will not be going back to sleep. Some have already stepped out of the darkness. When you’re ready, you will find allies to walk with you and to work to create what needs to be created and to change what will help us all cope with life on the bleeding edge of change. The raw emotions of the shadow rising, requires that we remember that love is stronger than hate. Love neutralizes fear. Love is God’s directive for living together and for continuing our part in the ongoing creation of Creation.

This Super Full Moon in Taurus shines her light on all we have to work together for creating the world we are going to live in. “The struggle will still be a fight…” and we must be courageous, strong, and awake and aware. Our worst enemy is within us. We are needed to work together to keep trying, striving, protecting our neighbors, and having compassion for everyone. We’re all in this together.


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