About Author Catherine Meyers


Bringing ideas and imagaination into full expression through poetry, essays, or fiction is a way of life I have grown to love. Whether sitting my my home overlooking the Columbia River in Astoria, Oregon, walking along the riverwalk or ocean front, or sitting in a cafe connecting with people in my community, I am always on the lookout for interesting people, compeling stories, and intriguing ways to write mystery fiction.

Each day as I write, a cast of intriguing characters show up to tell me about their stories. I write mystery fiction that focuses on telling the stories of those who have been silenced. Through the characters who come to life on the pages of my books, I tell stories of intrigue and suspense mixed in with a little romance and adventure.  For those who know there is more to life for most of us than what meets the eye, Body on the Beach introduces ex-crime reporter turned part-time reporter and accidental sleuth, Lennie Whitley. Lennie left her dangerous and exciting life as a big city crime reporter to return home to a quiet life on the Oregon Coast.  What she finds however, is anything but calm. Lennie finds herself caught up in international intrigue and small town politics mixed in with cold blooded murder.

Look for the release of Body on the Beach in September, 2016.

Visit my author’s page on Amazon.com to purchase, review, or read other readers’ review of my books.




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