Announcements and Upcoming Events

April 29, 2017  Book Signing at RiversZen Yoga Studio in Astoria, Oregon. As part of the 5-year anniversary party, C.J.Meyers will be signing copies of her latest book, Body on the Beach.  Join the celebration, get a signed copy of Body on the Beach, and talk with C.J.Meyers about your love of mysteries and intrigue.  Location: RiversZen Yoga Studio on the Riverwalk at the base of 31st St., Time: 6-10. It’s a potluck and music celebration as well, so bring a dish, your musical instruments, and a desire to have a really great evening. See you there!

April 1, 2017    Body on the Beach now available in print and Kindle versions. Get your copy of the first in the Lenora Whitley mystery series, Body on the Beach. Set in a small town on the Oregon Coast, Body on the Beach introduces the reader to Lenora Whitley, Lennie to her friends. Lenora has returned to her hometown on the coast after a long and distinguished career as a crime reporter. After years of living and working in big cities, she returns to what she hopes will be a quiet life on the Oregon coast. Turns out though, she is destined to have anything but a quiet life. Murder and mayhem come to the coast, and Lennie finds herself caught up in the middle. 

Curl up on the couch with a hot cuppa and the paperback version of Body on the Beach by C.J. Meyers.  Body on the Beach may be purchased directly through Whales & Nightingales Press  ( as well as on or Barnes and Noble. Your local bookstore owner can order you a copy as well. The Kindle version is also available. 

To learn more about C.J. Meyers or to purchase one of her books, visit her Author’s Central site.


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