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Ahimsa: Do No Harm in Troubled Times

Ahimsa, the practice of doing no harm, is one of the most important and powerful  spiritual practices there is. In all great world spiritual traditions, there is the command to do no harm, to oneself or to others. When life is going well, it's fairly easy to understand and to practice Ahimsa. It is not … Continue reading Ahimsa: Do No Harm in Troubled Times

Sacred Time, Sacred Space “When the Going Gets Rough” (Part 1 0f 4)

Prophets were those who for better or worse, had the gift of being able to discern God's message, to know without knowing why, what struggles lay ahead. Not fortune tellers, but discerners, who listened with their hearts and souls. No one much cared to hear the prophet's messages. And prophets themselves, more often than not, were reluctant to see themselves as someone worthy to hear God's Word and then deliver the messages to the people. We all have a bit of the prophet within us. We sense what is coming our way. We dream and envision possibilities. We are capable of discerning how our current actions, thinking, and direction will potentially lead to future consequences. But we often choose to ignore those messages, thinking instead that we aren't sure enough or capable enough to discern for ourselves how we are cope with what our lives have become.


Catherine Al-Meten Meyers is a member of Astoria Visual Arts, an organization dedicated to supporting art, artists, and culture in a growing rural economy. Catherine participates in the annual Open Studio Tour, and her photography has been featured in galleries  and private collections (Laughing Duck Digital Pond, Coffee Girl, ChiroMedical Center in San Francisco).   … Continue reading Photography